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Charles II - The Busts

Charles II - (1630 - 85).
Attrib. to Edward Pearce (1630 - 95).

Terracotta Bust
70 x 56 x 32 cms
c 1670 - 80)
Royal Collection

Restored in 1938 when the bronze painted finish was removed


Charles II
see the Fitzwilliam Museum Terracotta below.
They said attrib. John Bushnell but Alastair Laing suggested in 2010 that was more likely to be by Caius Gabrial Cibber. The jury is still out!
Seaton Delaval Hall.
formerly at Melton Constable
National Trust


Charles II
Currently Attrib by the Fitzwilliam to John Bushnell
78.5 cms
Given to the Fitzwilliam in 1948.
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Photographs taken by the author. 20 August 2015.

This bust was bought in the early 1920's from the owners of the Mill Hill Estate, where it had been since 1877 in the possession of Mr Serjeant Cox, who had purchased it with the furniture, fittings, plate, and other materials of the demolished Serjeant's Inn, Chancery Lane, and re-erected the hall stained glass and all, at his home at Mill Hill. Sir Bruce surmised that the bust may have originally belonged to Francis North, 1st Baron Guildford (1637-1685), Lord Chancellor, who was highly esteemed by Charles II, and who, as Lord Keeper, erected the Chancery Lane Hall of Serjeants Inn, 1669-1677.

Fascinating engraving of the polymath Martin Folkes President of The Royal Society.
With the bust of Charles II and the roundel or medallion of Martin Folkes
by Jacob Folkema, 1746
98 x 143 mm.
from Portraits des Hommes Illustres de Dannemark Part 6 


For the Catalogue of the Library of Martin Folkes see - A Catalogue of the Entire and Valuable Library of Martin Folkes Esq. President of the Royal Society .... which will be sold by Auction by Samuel Baker at his House in York Street, Covent Garden, London 1756.

 the last paragraph in the excerpt above from - 

Ex Bibliotheca Hugh Frederick Hornby. Catalogue of the art library bequeathed by Hugh Frederick Hornby, esq., of Liverpool, to the Free public library of the city of Liverpool


Medallion of Martin Folkes by Jaques Dassier 1740.

Images from website of Ben Weiss
all rights reserved.


For more on the Dassier Medallion of Martin Folkes 

see -


Anonymous medallion struck in Rome dated 1742
38mm diam. 
with the pyramid of Caius Sestius in Rome.

For much more on the portraits of Martin Folkes see my blog entry


Bust of Charles II
John Dwight 
Fulham Pottery 
Hand modelled
Saly Glazed Stoneware
Height18.2 cms
c. 1673 -75.

Images Victoria and Albert Museum

see -


Another version of the bust of Charles II
 by John Dwight
Fulham Pottery Hand modelled
Salt Glaze Stoneware
19.5 cms approx

Image Victoria and Albert Museum

for further information see my blog entry -


Charles II
Lead Bust
Ham House


Statue of Charles II
Grinling Gibbons

 Royal Collection

Charles II
Chelsea Hospital


King James II, by Unknown artist, 1685-1688 - NPG 5869 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

James II (1633 - 1701)
 attrib. to Bushnell
803 mm tall
Purchased 1986.
National Portrait Gallery

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