Friday 31 January 2014

A Plaster bust of Hayman by Roubiliac at Yale.

          A Plaster bust of Francis Hayman.

A Plaster bust believed to be Francis Hayman
by Louis Francois Roubiliac.
At the Yale Centre for British Arts

A Self Portrait of Francis Hayman
with London Dealer Philip Mould, formerly with Christie's sold 13 April 2011

Another self portrait by Francis Hayman. Royal Albert Museum Exeter, Devon

Hayman reunited with his wife by "art sleuth" TV personality and dealer Philip Mould.


Portrait of Francis Hayman by Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Royal Albert Museum, Exeter. 

Francis Hayman, self portrait. Circa 1734.
Royal Albert Museum Exeter.

Self Portrait of Francis Hayman with a group of Gentlemen. Circa 1740 - 45

44 x 56 inches (111.8 x 142.2 cm)

Portrait of the sculptor Peter Scheemakers.
By Francis Hayman. Royal College of Surgeons.

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